Both russia

Both russia and the u.s have been committing war crimes yet nothing is done no war between russia and the u.s their both gonna continue bombing everyone else except each other, all they do

The aid was probably on its way to Isis, the same terrorist organization that was able to advance just days ago when 67 Syrian soldiers were murdered by the United States government

I feel sorry for those people in Syria..both Russia and US are playing with their lives as if they were plastic dolls, not living human beings. One day the US attacks “mistakenly ” the next it’s Russia and then they blame each other, while innocent people are starving and dying.

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These animals are harmless

I live in Bangkok, and go jogging at that park. These animals are harmless and don’t bother anyone…they are not “over running” the park, they are just living and minding their own business.

Correction: We, the human race, are overrunning our own home planet by reproducing at disproportionate levels, destroying natural habitats of other animals, depleting/polluting natural resources, and generally creating a huge imbalance in the circle of life.

Too hippie? Tough.

Theyve moved about 40 of the estimated 400 lizards in the park. Its a large number considering its not a very big park. Try having a picnic amongst them. Their bite can cause some nasty infections.

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Skull of a pug

Just looking at the skull of a pug you can clearly see that the animal must live a horrible life under those conditions, as it is incredibly malformed. For some odd reason people enjoy animals with deformed looks and through breeding selections force them into making such traits even more noticeable. Just take a look on how races such as pugs and bull terriers looked like a hundred years ago and compare with them nowadays and you’ll see what I mean.

Or, like, don’t buy a dog at all, unless you have a service, allergenic, or other actual need for a specific breed. Every puppy that someone buys is a puppy not adopted from a shelter.

The kennel club have a cheek, they often support breeding certain features into dogs which have affects on their health ie. Rhodesian ridgeback and their ridges which cause back problems.

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old fashion vintage pen with book

People need to read the article

A lot of people need to read the article before they comment, the cat was roadkill, it wasn’t killed to make a bag! I’m a big cat lover and I really don’t like how this looks, it’s not nice but this animal was already dead and created into something- be nice if people gave the same concern to the faceless animals killed in their thousands for their freakin sandwich meat!

We should be able to taxidermy our loved ones. When I die, I want to be taxidermied into a funny pose and stuck in the corner of the living room. Is that asking for much?

Oh dear dear. Carrying sheep skin bag. Or croc shoes… looks cool. And other stuff… but carrying ur cats head around on end of ur bag..well cant say that looks nice can u.. would u carry ur cows head lookin at u. I think not… well not even sure how some peeps can be happy with that. Looks creepy and just wrong….

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12 officers injured, including one hit in the face with a rock

As a North Carolinian and someone who has been following this via FB live streams all day, including the live stream his daughter posted, I have to say that while things definitely escalated to an unacceptable level of violence I do think that their cause is just as is their outrage with the police. The daughter stated that her father did not own a gun and was disabled and simply waiting for her brother to arrive home on the bus from school and he was reading a book as he does nearly every day while he waits for his child. The news is spinning to justify but as with many shootings of black men that occur all to often there is no justification. The black community is tired, as are so many of all races and creeds, of seeing these incidents happen on a daily basis. We must address this style of policing where lethal force is the immediate reaction without proper assessment of the situation first.

These protest have the opposite effect , thier violence quash any sympathy for the deceased and his family . This only causes more racial tensions and shuns any support from the communities especially after seeing a dozen or so “vandals” breaking into the local Walmart.

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Evolution of Insurance

Evolution of Insurance
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